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Let the fun begin!

Here's a little of what our islands have to offer.

Things to Do: List

Beach Adventures

Sun, Sand, Sea, and Selfies
There's no better way to enjoy the island than at the beach or on the water. Whether your just lounging around the beach soaking up some sun or sailing our beautiful turquoise waters, there’s plenty ways for you to enjoy our shores. Day sails, Sunset sails, kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, tubing, private charters, just to name a few

Island Adventures

While being on an island you might be surrounded by more things to do at sea you'll be shore to find just as many things to do on land…..sea what we did there😊

Our #1 recommendation for first timers to enjoy is a tour!. There's shopping tours, food tours, historical tours and island tours. An island tour gives you the opportunity to see different points of interest and amazing views. You can learn a little about the islands culture and its history while viewing picturesque sites and historical landmarks. Some tour guides even have stops where you can enjoy some local beverages, food, or treats. Others offer stops to our down town shopping district "Charlotte Amalie" or as we call it "Main Street". There's where you'll find great shopping deals for trinkets/jewelry, and souvenirs.

Hiking is very popular as well. You'll find more hiking trail options at the Virgin Islands National Park located at our sister island St. John.

Family Fun Adventures

Looking for family fun activities? Enjoy a day at our famous ocean park Coral World or check out the Children's Museum.


The U.S. Virgin Islands is one big melting pot of cultures. We’ve got lots of different restaurants specializing in an array of cuisines. We’ve got Caribbean restaurants specializing in local dishes, Trinidadian, Jamaican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Italian, French, American, Continental, you name it we’ve got it all.


Sorry, there is no UBER or Lyft service on Island. Just imagine what that would do to our little economy. No worries we do have taxi service available 24 hours for your convenience. You do have the option to book a private taxi service if you would prefer as well. There's also plenty of rental car services available, that’s if you're comfortable with driving on the left of course. While we are a U.S. territory we’ve held on to the British custom of driving on the left so it may be a bit uncomfortable for first timers.

Special Occasions

Weddings, Anniversaries, Honeymoon, Birthday, Graduation or Just Because. If you'll be celebrating a special occasion let us know so we can help plan and make arrangements to elevate your experience.

Read More about our experiences in our SeaShell Experiences Recommendations Blog.

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