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Coral World Ocean Park

Located on the eastern end of the island you'll find the Coral World Ocean Park, a great Family Friendly park. Grab the kids and spend the day or a few hours exploring the different exhibits. Don't forget to charge up those cameras and snap lots of shots. You have the option to do a guided tour or self guided tour. Make it a fun day, there's so many things you can do here. Kayak or swim with the dolphins, Sea Trekking, swim with Seas Lions, or Snuba Diving just to name a few. Don't forget to grab a map and check out the presentations and feeding schedule. My favorite was the "Aviary Feeding" and the "Dolphin Talk".

At the Aviary Feeding we were giving a little cup of nectar and was instructed to stick our hands out and watch as the the beautiful colored Lorikeets flew right up, sat on our hands, and enjoyed the nectar.

The Dolphin Talk and Turtle Talk was very informative it was interesting to see all the different tricks these beautiful animals can do. We had such an amazing time here.

You will be getting your steps in doing a lot of walk so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Take a break in between and grab a beverage and a bite to eat at the shark bar. Before you leave be sure to check out the Go Fish Gift Shop for a souvenir for yourself or a loved one.

The great thing about this park is that once you're all done, you can walk right on over to Coki Beach and enjoy the rest of your day lounging on the beach or snorkeling the bay. There are local vendors offering beach chair and umbrella rentals as well as local food.

This beach is really popular and tends to get packed especially when there is cruise ships in town.

What are you waiting for, go create those memories!

Let us know down below how your experience at this park was. Follow our social media accounts! If you've got pictures we'd love to see them tag us or use hash tag #seashellexperiences on Facebook or Instagram.

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